Elevate Your Design, Elevate Your Business:

Join an exclusive community of fierce floral designers ready to transform passion into phenomenal profit.

Hey Girl, hey....

I'm Danielle Fisher,

Your Badass Faux Floral Design Coach, and I'm excited to welcome you to The Floral Boss Collective, a unique circle of women artisans committed to turning their design talents into thriving businesses.

This isn’t just a membership, Sis... it’s a movement.

Here, you’ll find the tools, resources, and support to not only enhance your design skills but to master your online business. From weekly design classes, business coaching, and more, every aspect of The Floral Boss Collective is designed to elevate your skills and your commerce.

Key Benefits Include:

Weekly Live Classes

Dive deep into luxe design workshops and various business sessions that promise real growth.

Supportive Sisterhood

Gain lifelong friends and collaborators in a safe, drama-free community that cheers your every success, and shares their experience and knowledge. Keep in mind that this space is where we give more than we get from each other.

Resource Hub

Access a bank of resources designed to streamline your business operation, boost your brand and visibility, and strengthen your mindset muscle as the badass floral artist that you are.

"I have been a member of Danielle's design group for a couple of years now. I do feel like we are a family and many of the recipes I have learned have helped grow my skills in designing.

But the group goes beyond design, we receive support, feedback and guidance in opening an online shop, encouragement weekly with social media posts, lives and visibility of our work. The encouragement in this group is so powerful and it will push you out of your comfort zone.

You will grow and your designs will elevate."

Nicky, Crafts by Nicky J

"Danielle is a true and talented floral designer.

She knows how to use and teach the mechanics of floral designing and break it down into steps and with tips, so that her students can achieve something very similar!

She also shares tips and information about Etsy and social media, which is so valuable and vital for starting and growing our shops/businesses."

Lisa, Cherry Street Mercantile

Ready to transform your design passion into the phenomenal business you know it can be and change the game? Then don't wait, Sis... join us now and start your transformational journey to personal and professional excellence.

  • If you're ready to stop treating your talent as just a hobby and start commanding the respect and revenue you deserve, then you need to be right here; or

  • If you’re ready to transform your floral art into a profitable business, and you crave a sisterhood that supports your growth every step of the way, then welcome home; or

  • If you're piecing together random tips and you're just over it, and simply want direct access to proven strategies and expert advice to seriously scale your design business, then let's get to it


What makes The Floral Boss Collective different?

This exclusive community is not just about learning... we're about transformation and domination. We focus on real-world applications, exclusive growth opportunities, and a community that’s as invested in your success as you are.

Can I benefit from the group if I don't have an Etsy shop?

Absolutely! Not only will you learn new techniques, but the business discussions and workshops aren't focused exclusively on Etsy, but are crucial regardless of the online platform you use for your floral business. The goal is to help you thrive in the digital marketplace - period.

Connect with me on social media, reach out for more information, and let’s make your design dreams a reality. The Floral Boss Collective — where your art meets your ambition.

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